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Divison of Music Scholarship Application


This application should be completed by those students wishing to audition as music majors in the Oklahoma Baptist University division of music. This application also will be used for reference in music scholarship decisions. Music scholarships are awarded only to music majors (not minors), and a student may receive only one award in a performance area. Although you may audition in more than one area, only one award will be made. Each prospective music major, regardless of performance area, must audition for the division of music faculty.
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Supporting documents

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Résumé (doc, docx, pdf, or rtf)

Recommendation letters from private teachers and ensemble directors (doc, docx, pdf, or rtf)

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Repertoire list of pieces performed (doc, docx, pdf, or rtf)

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*Have you applied for admission to OBU?

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Expected Enrollment Date
January Term

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College GPA

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Name of College

Do you hold a music scholarship from this institution?

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Audition Information

*What is your principal performing area?

*Years studied privately

*How many years have you studied piano?

*Have you studied music theory?

*Do you play any other instruments?

If so, list those instruments and years studied.

Private Teacher Name

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Students are strongly encouraged to audition on the dates listed below. Scholarship Auditions must be completed by audition deadline. (Please contact Fine Arts Office for this deadline information). Auditions after this date will be placed on a waiting list as funds become available. All entering music majors must audition regardless of financial aid needs.

*I plan to audition in the following area(s)

If instrument, please specify

Please indicate below when you would like to audition.

Audition Dates
Fall: Night on the Hill
University Preview Day
Fine Arts Main Event (In conjunction with Concerto-Aria concert.)

Please check website or contact music@okbu.edu for dates/times.

Other Dates: Monday through Friday:

I cannot audition during the above events, but I would like to audition on (date and am/pm)

*I will need an accompanist for my audition.

You will receive confirmation of your audition from the Division of Music.

If a personal appearance is impossible, you may submit a CD or DVD. State name and address at beginning of the recording. Announce each selection by title and composer. Enclose a list indicating the order of performance.

Voice and piano auditions must be performed from memory. Please bring a copy of your music. Prepare two selections of contrasting nature that will best reveal your abilities. Selections such as those performed in high school contests are preferred, but any selection of your choosing will be acceptable. It is also desirable that you provide your own accompanist. However, we will provide one if needed. Applicants in theory/composition should submit representative manuscripts or scores of original compositions or arrangements. A performance recording is preferable but not mandatory. For specific details about audition requirements see the enclosed Audition Requirements listings for your area(s) of interest.

Degree Plans

*I am planning to pursue a degree in the following field(s): (Please check one or more)
Bachelor of Arts
Bachelor of Arts, Music
Bachelor of Music Education (teaching certificate)
Bachelor of Music Education, Voice
Bachelor of Music Education, Instrumental
Bachelor of Music Education, Keyboard (vocal certificate with piano or organ emphasis)
Bachelor of Music
Bachelor of Music, Voice Performance
Bachelor of Music, Piano Performance
Bachelor of Music, Piano Performance, Pedagogy Emphasis
Bachelor of Music, Church Music
Bachelor of Music, Church Music, Vocal Emphasis
Bachelor of Music, Church Music, Instrumental Emphasis
Bachelor of Music, Church Music, Piano or Organ Emphasis
Bachelor of Music, Composition
Bachelor of Musical Arts (includes a minor in an area outside of music)
Bachelor of Musical Arts, Voice
Bachelor of Musical Arts, Instrumental
Bachelor of Musical Arts, Keyboard
Bachelor of Musical Arts, Composition
Bachelor of Musical Arts, Worship Arts

Performance Area Coordinators

Please contact the faculty below for additional information.

Kevin Pruiett Mark McQuade Michael Dean James Vernon Lee Hinson
Instrumental Voice Piano Composition Church Music
405.878.2322 405.878.2324 405.878.2326 405.878.2317 405.878.2309
kevin.pruiett@okbu.edu mark.mcquade@okbu.edu michael.dean@okbu.edu james.vernon@okbu.edu lee.hinson@okbu.edu