Oklahoma Baptist University

2011 Bison Bicycle Classic to Host Oklahoma State Road Race Championship

The Bison Bicycle Classic will join forces with the Pott County Pedalars, the DNA racing club and PG-13 to host the Oklahoma State Road Race Championship. In addition to the State Road Race there will be 25 and 50 mile tours for recreational cyclists to enjoy.

This is the 11th annual Bison Bicycle Classic which is sponsored by the OBU Division of Music. Past participation in the event has averaged 200 cyclists. The event organizers are expecting approximately 500 cyclists to be involved in the race and tour.

The sanctioned road race will use the route that the Bison Bicycle Classic non-sanctioned race has used for the past three years. The racers will go north on Bryan Street and race north of the Shawnee City limits. The tour will go o the South Rock Creek area with scheduled rest stops approximately every 12 miles. The tour and the race will be on separate courses after a short neutral roll out on MacArthur street.

Lunch will be provided for all participants upon their return to the OBU Wellness Center.

Online registration for the bike tour is available here.

Those interested in the State Road Race Championship can click here visit for more information.

For more information regarding this event, please contact Jim Vernon, 405.432.9007 or email, bisonbike@gmail.com.