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An OBU student bonds with a child on a GO trip.

J-Term 2015 GO Trip Opportunities

* Deadline for J-Term 2015 GO Trip Application: March 27, 2014

East Asia (Taiwan). Team of 8 students. January 2 – January 23.

Cross-cultural exchange, relationship evangelism, discipling with Taiwanese students:

Student volunteers will partner with Taiwanese churches and high school & university students to build relationships around cultural interchange that will lead to relational evangelism as well as relational discipling of young Chinese Christian believers. We will use praise & worship songs, sports, games, English teaching, Creation 2 Christ Bible-storying, drama, and/or whatever other talents God provides the Team to assist in starting new work among Taiwan churches.

KOREA Team of 5-6 students Dec 27- Jan 23

Participants will work with the TCK program providing childcare for missionary families during the first week. There is also a need for 1-2 additional people to lead worship for the adults during this time. The remaining two weeks will be spent working with immigrant children in the community. Engage in games, camps, bible stories, and other ways to reach the children and share your faith.

MEXICO Team of 5-10 students. Jan 10- Jan 16

Participants will have the opportunity to spend a week working, teaching, and ministering to school children. You will help in classrooms, play games/sports, play music, and anything else that the school needs help with, all while loving and sharing Christ with these students.

North Africa. Team of 4-6 students. December 27 – January 23.

Students will be building relationships, teaching English, and prayer walking while working among college students.

South America (Peru). Team of 6-8 students. December 27 – January 23.

Students will travel to the Amazon Basin to work in river communities where they will have opportunity to form relationships with the people, share biblical narratives, and demonstrate the love of Jesus. The primary means of interaction will be playing soccer and volleyball, offering some basic first aid care, working, fishing, and hunting with the people in the community. This is a very physically demanding trip with the potential of being far removed from modern society (i.e., hospitals, electricity, clean water), but it is one of the most rewarding Go-trips you could ever experience.

South Asia (India/Kai).Team of 6 students. Dec 27-Jan 23

Students will have the opportunity to work with the Kai people and in their villages. They will come along side the people and work on building relationships, sharing their faith, engaging in outreach and performing research.

South Korea. Team of 4-6 students. December 27 - January 23.

Cultural exchange: Students will work with local believers in outreach and ministry building relationships and seeking opportunities to share their faith.

Summer 2014 GO Trip Opportunities

* Deadline for Summer 2014 GO Trip Application: October 23, 2013

(Dates are subject to change)

South Asia. Team of 6 students. May 20 - June 30.

Participants will have evangelism and discipleship opportunities. Team members need to be relational, self-motivated and committed to obeying God. There are also opportunities for conversational English, sports outreach, and learning the local language and culture. But mostly the team will immerse themselves in the local community looking for persons of peace, sharing, teaching, discipling, and prayer walking.

Central Asia: May 23 - June 23, 2014

Trip details are still being worked out.

Basque Region, Spain. Team of 6-8 students.

Participants will assist in an English-based inter-cultural exchange program working with a local school, teaching an ESL-focused workshop based on Bible stories. The team would also prayer walk, develop relationships and seek to sow seeds of The story with the goal of exposing Basques to God through relationships, testimonies, activities and life lived together.

Horn of Africa. Team of 6-8 students. May 20 - June 20

Students will come alongside those serving in ministry to orphans. Lead VBS classes and activities. Assist with Sunday meetings and classes for children. Work with local leaders in developing a new school program.

Engage Manchester: May 23 - June 23 and June 23 - July 23, 2014

Two teams are needed to assist the local workers to reach out to the 100,000 university students and 100,000 urbanites in Manchester city centre. Only about 1-2% are Christian. We will partner with local ministries as well as seek ways to engage people with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. The team will assist in organizing, and planning, student events and activities, to build relationships with students and help them know and have faith in Jesus Christ. The team will also reach out and engage the community to be a light for the Gospel in Manchester.

South East Asia: English Camps: May 23 - June 23, 2014

This team will work in the cities in this part of his harvest field. We are looking for committed and creative individuals to be a part of this team who will use English as a means to engage students and share the Gospel. The English camps will usually be 3 to 5 days each and will be located in strategic cities in our province. The team will work with field personnel to develop the ESL program for the camp. The ideal team size would be six to ten students.

South East Asia: Prayer Walking/Survey/English Corners: May 23-June 23, 2014

This team is looking for bold individuals to go to unengaged cities to prayer walk, to gather strategic information by completing a research form, and to hold planned and/or spontaneous English Corners. Students should be prepared to talk on topics of felt need, like dating relationships, marriage relationships, self-esteem, happiness, meaning/purpose of life. The ideal team size is three or four students. Multiple teams could go together.

East Africa. Team of 8-10 students. May 23 - June 13.

Students will spend time in three diverse ministry settings. There will be many opportunities for students to share their testimonies, participate in Bible-storying and teach children. Time will be spent in a rural village teaching at a local primary school and orphanage. Students will then travel to an urban setting to work with local church leaders in door-to-door witnessing, to provide education to girls and woman at risk, and to lead worship in local churches. Finally, a medical mission trip will be conducted on a remote island and led by a local medical student. This trip provides excellent service opportunities to those with interests in education, human trafficking, music, sports, and medicine.

Southern Africa. Team of 6-8 students. May 20-June 20

Students will work with an orphanage by providing Bible stories, sports activities, games, and showing love to those who rarely feel loved. The team will also have opportunities for sharing their faith in the community. Teaching classes for children and adults.

Southeast Asia. Team of 8-10 students. June 10-27.

The first part of the trip will be spent leading a camp for children of regional workers attending an annual retreat/training. The second half of the trip students will come alongside local workers in ministry through outreach, prayer walking, and witnessing.

East Asia. Team of 6-8 students. May 27 - June 21.

Students will participate in a “cultural exchange” program living on a university campus and interacting with local students through: studying the local language, teaching English, playing sports etc. As relationships are formed team members will have opportunities to share their faith and study the Word one on one.

North Africa. Team of 4-6 students. May 20 - June 30

Details of this trip are still being developed

Hawaii. Team of 6-8 students. July 29 - August 15, 2014.

Activities include: welcoming arriving international exchange students; participating in island tour activities with internationals; befriending students and being a Christian witness; cleaning and maintenance of the International Baptist Centre.
Participants will also increase their cross-cultural ministry experience; participate in a cultural awareness seminar; visit Mormon Temple and other religious sites; eat food from differnt countries; and interview internationals.

Buea, Cameroon (Africa). Team of about 4 – 10 students. May 23rd to June 23rd

The University of Buea (UB) is a secular University. OBU students visiting there will have the opportunity to view other cultures and College Campuses by attending Lectures at the University of Buea, Cameroon. They will interact with UB students/Faculty/Administration and share on a one-on-one basis how to integrate faith and learning. Students will be able to share their view with UB students on what a “Christian Liberal Arts College” education means.

OBU students will also share their faith and encourage the youths in some local churches in the Fako district (namely Buea, Muyuka, Limbe and Tiko).

Portland, Oregon. Team of 6 to 8. 6 to 8 Weeks - Dates are flexible.

Students will partner with Parachute Project, which is a program that gives college students the experience of first hand church-planting in some of the most un-churched regions of America. Students will discover, plan and implement ministry based on what God is doing in the community and the team’s giftedness. Men and females are needed for this trip. They will be taught and immersed in what it means to church-plant. This is a great opportunity for those that desire to be disciples and make disciples.

Latvia: June 1-30, 2014

This team will serve primarily through Youth Camps and will include leading Bible studies, discipleship, sports ministry.

Middle East: Team A May 23 - June 23, 2014; Team B June 23 - July 23, 2014

This team will be involved in direct evangelism with students and young people. Participants will seek ways to build relationships, prayer walk, sow seeds of the gospel among a community that is predominantly 25 years of age and younger.

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