Oklahoma Baptist University

Intramural 6-on-6 Soccer Rules

First and foremost, we are playing to have fun! We are using officials, however we expect the recreational atmosphere and friendliness to remain as it has in our other leagues. Harsh language and rough play will not be tolerated. Contact will be kept to an absolute minimum. Anyone who cannot adhere to our standards of play and sportsmanship will be banned from the league. Yellow and Red cards will be issued for inappropriate acts.A red card will mean disqualification from that game and the next game.A second red card in the same season means possible league disqualification.

Number of Players

A.A team on the field shall consist of not more than 7 players (one of whom is a goalkeeper and 3 of whom should be female).

B. Teams must have a minimum of 6 players to start a game.All players must be on your roster (see item D, regarding picking up players)
C.All substitutions are made at mid field on dead balls only.You must get the referees attention to substitute.
Duration of Games

A.Two 20 minute halves, running clock.If a game ends in a tie, we will go to a 5 minute sudden death overtime.If still tied a 3 person shootout will occur.Half-time will not be more than three minutes and not less than one minute.

Ball in and Out of Play

A.The ball is out of play and restarted with Throw-in when the ball has traveled beyond the side line.Corner Kicks will be used when the ball travels beyond the goal line.

B. The ball is in play at all other times from the start of the game to the finish, including: If it rebounds off the referee when he/she is on the field of play or in the event of a supposed infringement of the rules. Play the whistle!

Methods of Scoring

A.A goal is scored when the entire ball hits inside the boundaries of the goal.The official will designate when a goal has been scored by blowing the whistle and pointing to the center circle for a restart .

Fouls and Misconduct

A.A player who intentionally kicks or attempts to kick, trips, jumps, charges, strikes or attempts to strike, holds or pushes an opponent or handles the ball - (e.g. carries, strikes or propels the ball with the arm) has committed a foul.All fouls shall be penalized by awarding a Direct Free Kick.
B.Should a player intentionally commit one of these offenses within their own penalty area, it will result in a penalty kick.
C.The following offenses are penalized with a (Yellow Card) two minute penalty, or (Red Card)game misconduct.A Direct Free Kick is also awarded at the point of infringement for playing in a manner considered dangerous (e.g. attempting to kick the ball while held by goalkeeper), slide Tackling, or sliding to play the ball, Intentional hand balls, Kicking a ball wildly out of play, Foul or abusive language, Encroachment (a player must stand three yards from all free kicks).

D. Breakaway fouls will result in a penalty kick and an automatic Yellow Card for the offender.

Serving Penalties

A.A player who commits an offense and is penalized for two minutes shall serve the penalty in full, even if the opposition scores.The referee will notify the opponent when it has been served.
B.Flagrant or intentional offenses which occur during the final two minutes of regulation or overtime, will result in automatic ejection from the game, and an additional one-game suspension.
D.Any ejection will result in a one-game suspension. Second ejection results in league suspension.

Goalkeeper Restrictions

A.Goalie throws and Goal kicks must hit the ground or a player before crossing mid field or an Indirect Free Kick will be awarded to the opposite team at mid field.
B.Goalkeepers have 8 seconds to distribute the ball after gaining control.Indirect Free Kick awarded.
C.A goalkeeper may not touch or pick up any ball which he/she dribbles into the penalty area. IDFK

D. Goalkeeper may not handle a ball that has been footed by a teammate. IDFK

Miscellaneous Interpretations

A. Shinguards-Shinguards are mandatory!

B.Safety is the number one concern when officiating, players need to play under control at all times.
C.NO Offsides!!