Oklahoma Baptist University

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Who can play intramural sports?
    • Any student, staff or faculty member from OBU can play. There are specific rules about former varsity and professional athletes participation.
    • Men are restricted to the men’s leagues and events
    • Women can participate in women’s leagues and events
    • Both men and women can enjoy the co-recreational events.
  • How do I sign up for intramural sports?
    • Teams and individuals wishing to participate in a particular activity should register online by clicking here. Anyone who has not registered by the deadline will be placed on a waiting list.
  • What employment opportunities are available within the intramural department? (Each semester some positions become available.The best thing to do is come in and fill out an employment application.)
    • Intramural Referees
    • Supervisors
    • Office Staff
  • How do I find out about upcoming events or activities?
    • The OBU Intramural Web site is the best source of information, but our Facebook page provides up-to-date information. Click here and "like us."
    • Fliers are posted around campus, advertisements are placed in the Chapel Announcements and the CampusLife Newsletter.
  • Can equipment be checked out?
    • Yes, there is a limited amount of equipment for check out. A small rental fee may be charged.
  • How do I contact the intramural office?
    • Office Phone: 405-585-5227 or contact David Gardner directly at 405-250-7828
    • email:
  • What if my team does not have enough players to start a game?
    • Game time is forfeit time! All teams not having the minimum number of players to start a game will be assessed a forfeit and will lose there forfeit fee deposit.
  • I am a current student/faculty member, but I have lost my university ID card; can I still participate?
    • All OBU students/faculty are required to have a valid OBU ID card at check-in for each game. If you have lost your ID, you must get a replacement before you will be permitted to play. NO EXCEPTIONS!
  • How do I find out if my game/event has been cancelled due to inclement weather?
    • Check the Intramural web page or Facebook for the latest information.