Oklahoma Baptist University

Archives Special Collection

The OBU Historical Collection's Special Collections are found in three areas, the Herschel Hobbs Baptist History and Heritage Center, the OBU Historical Collection (Archives Room), and the Annex.

Special Collections in the Herschel Hobbs Baptist History and Heritage Center

  • The Herschel Hobbs Collection includes the podium Dr. Hobbs used as pastor of the First Baptist Church in Oklahoma City, OK; portraits of Dr. Hobbs and his wife Frances J. Hobbs; a replica of his study including his desk, office chair, hanging lamp, and book table; Dr. Hobbs personal library collection; tapes of Dr. Hobbs' Baptist Hour sermons; and Mrs. Hobbs' scrapbooks documenting his activities.
  • The B. B. McKinney Hymn Collection includes copies of all of McKinney's published hymns as well as original manuscripts. Several hundred hymn books, some dating to the 17th century, are in the collection.

Special Collections in the OBU Historical Collection (Archives Room)
  • The Warren Angell Collection includes all of his manuscripts; music used by the Bison Glee Club; and detailed programs of the Baptist General Convention, Tuneclippers and other musical organizations which he directed. There are numerous pictures, tapes and records of the musical groups.
  • The Eunice and Jaxie Short Collection consists of over 1,000 books serving as a resource on the Orient, counseling, and early childhood education, and work of the Foreign Mission Board of the Southern Baptist Convention.
  • The Darrell Mock Manuscript Collection has 44 sheets of manuscripts dating back to the 13th century.
  • The Farley-Soden Shawnee Historical Study includes a videotape depiction of early-day Shawnee and many articles, photographs, and maps portraying Shawnee before 1930.
  • A collection of original OBU Library books dating from 1912, when the library of Oklahoma Baptist University (then the Baptist University of Oklahoma) was first founded with a donation of the library books from the Epworth University Library in Oklahoma City.
  • Published writings of Dr. Robert S. Scales, longtime pastor of Trinity Baptist Church, Oklahoma City. These are articles in the Baptist Bulletin Service, Open Windows, Homelife, The Baptist Program, Church Administration, The Brotherhood Journal, Sunday School Builder, etc. from 1935-1981.
  • Videotapes of the Thomas Harlan Henry Lecture series.
  • Audiocassette tapes of lectures by Dr. Rowena Strickland covering the books of the Bible, the Parables, Paul's journeys, and various Biblical topics.

Special Collections in the OBU Annex
  • The J. W. Storer Collection consists of books on the American Civil War, World War I & II, sermon material, and includes artifacts of the Confederacy. (Artifacts are housed in the Archives Room.)
  • The E. C. Routh and Lucy Smith Missions Collection includes many denominational publications and a selected number of artifacts from Nigeria and China. (Artifacts are housed in the Archives Room.)