Oklahoma Baptist University

Policy for the R.A.P. Program

A service provided by the Mabee Learning Center to advanced OBU students who require greater proficiency in academic research.


This policy is designed to explain a new service at the Mabee Learning Center called “R.A.P.” sessions. The initials “R.A.P.” stand for “Research Assistance for Papers.” These sessions are designed to be a one-on-one discussion between a student and a librarian. It should be clear to the student that these meetings are optional and the librarian is not going to write your paper for you. R.A.P. sessions are limited to a maximum duration of one hour. If your research paper can be addressed by a question at the Reference Desk, a R.A.P. session would not be necessary.


The R.A.P. program is not designed to replace the service of library instruction. It provides the vehicle to supplement one’s personal understanding and expertise with library resources. The following guidelines are used to clarify instructions of the R.A.P. program and the restrictions imposed on the students.


Graduate and Seminary students currently enrolled at OBU.
Students currently enrolled in the OBU Honors Program.
Seniors currently enrolled in 499 Independent Study courses (Prerequisite: approval of the Dean and completion of a 499 Independent Study Form).
Freshman, Sophomore, and Junior level students are ineligible for this service.


Eligible students must complete the appointment form before an appointment can be granted.
If the student can’t fulfill an appointment, it is the student’s responsibility to request an appointment change or cancellation.
If the librarian can’t fulfill an appointment, it is the librarian’s responsibility to cancel the appointment or request for a substitution.